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READ HERE about our work in 2016


In July 2014 we presented our 1st Sonoro International Music Festival" in Orizaba and Río Blanco, Veracruz.

Music workshops, crime prevention lectures, diverse activities with children and parents, theatre and great guest musicians were all involved in the program. Because of it's great succes we organized the 2nd Sonoro International Music Festival great musicians and workshopleaders featured our festival:

- Carlos Jacques: guitar and composition.

- Teatro Infantil de la Secretaría de Educación de Veracruz: workshop how to make and play on recycled instruments. Also, they will present their show "Barquito Chiquitito".

- Nayelli Nava: Theatre workshop.

READ HERE about our work in 2016

Upcoming Events 2016

Tour Sonoro: Felicia van den End & Pepe Garcia

Concerts and masterclasses

11, 12 February 2016 - Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango.


17, 18 February 2016 - Facultad de Musica de la Universidad Veracruzana.
























Previous Events 2014/2015


2nd International Sonoro Music Festival

20 until 26 July 2015.


1st International Music Festival "Sonoro"

6-13 July 2014 Rio Blanco and Orizaba, Mexico



Pepe Garcia and Felicia van den End

Program "Ear Massage"

9 February 2014, 15:00h

Theater Koningshof

Uiverlaan 20, Maasluis



Pepe Garcia and Felicia van den End

Program "Ear Massage"

6 April 2014, 12:00 h

Schouwburg De Meerse

Raadhuisplein 3, Hoofdorp



Pepe Garcia and Felicia van den End

Benefit Concert

19 May 2014, 19:30h


Kerkweg 23, Zeist

The Sonoro Foundation was founded in 2013 by Mexican percussionist Pepe Garcia and Dutch flutist Felicia van den End. The foundation is based in The Netherelands.

Life for many children in Mexico is difficult as they are often subject to the temptation to fall into crime. Through the Sonoro Foundation we offer them a different perspective by organizing music workshops and concerts. The purpose of these workshops is to work with these children on putting on a concert where they can present themselves and also get the opportunity to perform together with the musicians.

In our experience it is essential to involve all the family members. By working with local crime specialists and psychologists we deal with the problem at its root. Offering proper information and guidance to the parents is crucial for creating a safe environment for children at home.

Mexico is currently involved in a long and difficult drugs war. Children grow up with violence and are the main victims of this ongoing war.

Children are the most valuable natural resource we have. With your support we can help these children to have a positive future!

Sonoro is a combination of two words: "son" is a musical genre and "oro" means gold. Children are "oro" and music is sonoro!

Report of our 1st International Music Festival July 2014

This summer we succesfully organized our first International Music Festival in Río Blanco and Orizaba, Mexico. We had the pleasure of inviting different musicians from Holland and Mexico who all performed and gave workshops. Next to music workshops we also organized theatre workshops and information meetings for the parents of the children where we worked together with psychologists and a criminologist. Thanks to you we had the means to add such wonderful new members to our team and could we donate instruments to the youth orchestra of Río Blanco! It was great to see how much attention and cooperation we received from the children, their parents and the local community. Everyone helped us in their own way and together with all those people we got to an amazing result. The foundation and its children got local fame and we were invited to talk and play in various radio and television programs. The interest in our foundation shows us how vital our program is. It was very special to see how a community like Río Blanco and Orizaba can work together. We were overwhelmed by their appreciation for our project and we were treated with a Mexican party organized by the parents of the children in Río Blanco. They made us tacos and they invited a traditional Mariachi band. We were very happy to have worked with Daniel van Huffelen, a great double bass player and experienced workshop leader from the Netherlands. The children loved him and hope that he will return soon. The final concert turned out to be a huge success, the theatre was completely full and the children did an amazing job! We have plans to organize our second International Music Festival to provide this wonderful community and hopefully other communities with more music and positive energy!


The Foundation

We want to operate as an autonomous foundation without having to depend on the Mexican government. We are a non-political organization that aims to finance projects in its own way. We are currently exploring options of financing our projects and we are open to suggestions. With your help we hope that we can organize many more of these great workshops and continue to help children and their families.

We cannot do it alone, and for that we need all your support!

For those who have already made a donation: thank you so much for making this possible!



ANBI status


We have recently been granted ANBI status. This gives donors very attractive tax relief on their donations. The government makes contributions more attractive through a tax incentive scheme: under certain conditions your donation is deductible from your income for 125% (for companies even 150%). If you commit your contribution for five years (until 2017) in a notarial deed, you and the foundation can benefit from this tax multiplier. For example, your donation of € 250 will cost you only € 87.50 if you are a higher rate taxpayer. A contribution of € 1,000 will cost you € 350 net. If you wish to make a donation, we will be happy to discuss the details of this tax incentive scheme with you.